ALL SEASON DOE  =  Collected late August early September  used mainly as cover sent will make bucks

                                         & does investigate the new deer in their area


        BATTLING BUCK   =  Collected from a mature buck during Sept to late November. Used to make muture bucks

                                         think there is a buck in their area so they come in to see their rival. This scent may 

                                         scare off yearling bucks or in most cases they will circle the scent to get a glimpse at the 

                                         mature buck.


   BLAZIN DOE IN HEAT = Collected late October & early November only when does starting in their estrus

                                        cycle through her breeding cycle. Will draw in bucks may scare does off thinking there

                                        is a buck chaseing the doe .


           STANDING DOE = The best scent you will ever use.Collected during only the peak breeding 

                                       days for each doe I have  usally sometime in early to late November.

                                       I bring in each doe on the exact hour she is to be breed and pull all

                                       secretions out of her put on a q-tip and put in bottle of standing doe so you 

                                       get what the buck smells just before he breeds her.                          


About us here at Death Row Scents we give you what we say we do: Scents are not collected year around only when it should be collected,Scents are not kept for next years season,Scents are never mixed with other deer urine one deer one bottle.Scents are never watered down,All are bottles have a squirt top for easy use without a mess.



Donts of scents: Leave in extreme heat,sun light,never put on your cloths!!!,never walk thur woods with bottle in pocket without being in air tight bag(zip lock),Dont put on shoes your strongest scent will be were you walked from so the deer will follow you back to the truck instead of your stand,Dont use same drag rag day after day urine truns to ammonia fresher the better,Dont pour all over your decoy because it will trun to ammonia after a couple of days,Dont use to much scent or put to much on a drag rag this is unnatural. Rag should be damp to touch,Dont let lay in auto I still have a truck that smells like a buck 4 years later.



How to use scents:Frist of all scents are mostly a cover for us to hunt most of the season there is a few weeks out of the year scents will bring deer in running if every thing falls into place this dont happen every time but when it does you will never forget it. 



My favroite way is to cut a 4x4 cloth rag tie a  4 to 5 foot string onto the rag put in zip lock and pour some scent into bag just enough to dampen rag take out of bag about 100 to 150 yards from stand and drag rag to were you would like to shoot then pick up rag and take out another direction and drag back to same spot and hag rag off the ground about 4 to 5 foot and make a mock scrape under it. Or if hunting field edges drag rag across field  or wood edge entire length to your stand and hag rag.



Put scent out about out 20 yards from stand  in a spot then circle stand putting some scent in several spots to cover all wind directions.



Put scent wicks out or drippers out I hang a dripper out where Iam going to hunt for more than a couple times,or if i find a spot where a buck has tore up a area in a 10 foot circle riped up bushes and shredded saplings most of the saplings will be twisted off or pulled out at the root this is a excellent spot for a day time dripper with buck urine in it.This a mature aggressive buck he will be back to check what is invading his home.



There is alot of different ways to use scents and alot of different opinions but one thing is for sure it wont always attract deer but it will cover up alot of the mistakes we make as hunters.  


  Thanks Dwain Koser.



Can buy this scent at:


Sportsman Liquidation -Chambersburg,Waynsboro,York,Harrisburg,Hanover


Ceder Grove-Shippensburg


Hunters Den-Waynsboro




Keystone -FT Loudon


Napa- Greencastle


Wall Hangers Taxidermy-Shippensburg


North Mountain Taxidermy-Shippensburg




Runshaws- Shippensburg


Schoens- Spring Run



  Thanks to all the stores that carry are product ,Dwain Koser  

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